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'I wasn't sure what to expect with eyelash extensions as I don't wear much makeup, and I still wanted to look like me! Yvonne 

chose the right length to give me a natural but defined look and now I can't stop looking in the mirror - it is like perfectly applied 

mascara that will still be there in the morning, with just the right amount of curl. Yvonne clearly explained what she was doing 

and how to care for my lashes, - overall it was a relaxing experience with great results, so I'm sure I will be visiting La Belle 

Lashes again!' - Lauren, Ballarat Nth

'Got my lashes done today at La Belle Lashes - so pleased! It was a relaxing, comfortable experience and I felt pampered. 

To top it off my lashes look amazing! I'm so happy.' - Melissa, Alfredton

'I love my gorgeous new lashes. La Belle Lashes really looked after me and it was so nice to take timeout and do something

 for myself. Yvonne is a perfectionist and so professional with such care taken to ensure absolute hygiene and a fantastic 

result!' - Angie, Golden Point

'Most natural and precise eyelash application I've had yet. I love them, thanks Yvonne!' - Rachel, Ballarat

'Thanks Yvonne at La Belle Lashes Ballarat. I decided to try lash extensions and to be honest I was a little hesitant at first but the end result was phenomenal! I'm so pleased - they look fantastic!! There's no going back now - no hesitations. I was so comfortable and relaxed I could have gone to sleep. Bring on the next visit! - Erika, Ross Creek

'Relaxed atmosphere and expertly applied lashes by Yvonne at La Belle Lashes Ballarat . I really love the natural feel and shape whilst having fuller longer lashes. No mascara needed at all!!' - Katie, Ballarat

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